Client Reviews

A. A.

Speeding & No Insurance

I have been working with Community Law Firm for months now and they have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable and very nice! My attorney Greg follows up with me on regular basis and replies to my emails within minutes. I couldn’t have chosen a better law firm to represent me!

L. I.


“Greg is a very competent lawyer. I have previously worked with 5 lawyers and Greg explained the process to me in much more detail than any other lawyer ever has. I felt very comfortable with him and will be using him again for legal consulting. I would recommend his services.”

Michael Waddington

Military Law Attorney

“Grigoriy is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”



“I was referred to Greg by a friend of mine who used him before. I mailed him my speeding ticket and a check and the next time I heard from him what when he called to let me know that we won our case and I didn’t have to do anything else. I would recommend this guy to anyone needing a lawyer.”


Improper Lane Use

Greg is an amazing lawyer. You can sense how passionate he is about his work and how much he loves helping people. I was given a ticket for causing an accident. I was stressed out because I did not know what to do. During our conversation he took the time to listen to me and understand my story. He did not make any gimmicky promises but I could sense his confidence that he was going to win my case.


Improper Lane Use & No Insurance

“I received a ticket for improper lane violation and no insurance which totaled almost $700. Of course I was concerned. I called Greg right away and he assured me that he handles these type of violations all the time and I should not worry. Sure enough, in less than a month he dismissed both tickets and for a fee that was almost one-third of what I would have had to pay for the tickets. I would hire Greg again without hesitation and would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.”


“Greg has to be the best traffic defense lawyer. I received a huge ticket for a violation I did not commit. I thought I could handle the ticket on my own until I saw what the officer wrote in his report. Greg took care of my ticket and I did not have to pay a dime for the ticket.”


“Greg truly cared about my case. He promptly returned all my phone calls and e-mails. When he was in court and could not return my calls right away, he would send me a text message letting me know that he was in court, that he would return my call at a particular time, and then would return the calls when he said he would.”

Paul Dec


“Greg is a man of strong character and know-how who is committed to assisting his clients from day one.”

Sarah L. Karp


“Mr. Sarkisyan is dedicated and knowledgeable. He will work hard to get the best outcome prossible because he cares about the law and he cares about his clients, and it shows.”

Alvaro Lira


“I was more than pleased with Community Law Firm’s services. Greg Sarkisyan is professional and knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He was also prompt to respond to all of my questions. I recommend his services to everyone in need of a great attorney.”



“Mr. Sarkisyan has been very responsive and timely to my inquiries. He was thorough in the questions he asked, as to enable him to approach my case in the most effective way possible. He was very knowledgeable in what my options were and how to proceed with my case.”

Jacob Lara


“Greg gave me excellent advice on how to handle a case for one of my clients in an infraction matter. This advice was so good, that I never even had to reach the merits of my case, and we won. Furthermore, the advice he provided was apparently not common knowledge, as I turned around to see several attorneys flabbergasted by the successful approach Greg helped me employ.”

Steve Graham

Former Elected Prosecutor

“Greg is a great lawyer. I highly recommend him for DUI and other criminal matters. I have seen him in action in the courts of Spokane, and he is the guy to meet with if you are charged with a crime.”


A Very Satisfied Client

“Greg Sarkisyan is knowledgeable, caring, understanding and always promptly responded to my calls and e-mails. I have dealt with other attorneys in the past, none of them compare to Greg’s level of expertise and service.”