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2016 Case Results for Traffic Infractions

    * We work hard to obtain the best possible results for our clients but no lawyer can guarantee success of your case. Every case is unique and outcomes depend on several factors. The results above are meant to showcase resolutions we achieved in 2015, and should not be used to predict future outcomes.

    Everything you Need to Know About your Ticket

    Boating Offenses
    CDL - Logbook Violations
    Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License
    Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
    Failure to Yield Right of Way
    Following too Closely
    Lane Violations
    Negligent Driving
    No Insurance
    Red Light/Stop Sign Tickets
    Speeding over the Limit
    Speed Too Fast For Conditions
    Sign Violations
    Equipment Violations


    Why Retain a Kirkland Ticket Lawyer?

    Many people wrongfully assume that the fine amount on the face of your traffic ticket is the only cost of the ticket. That is not true. On top of the face they have to pay to court, drivers will also have to pay for higher insurance premiums once the moving violation goes on their record. According to one study, even one moving violation can increase insurance premiums by 22%.The entire article can be found here.

    That means if you are paying $100 per month right now, your monthly payment will increase to $122 after the infraction goes on your record. In three years, by the time the ticket is off your record, you will pay $792 more for insurance. If you include the fine you already paid to court, your ticket will cost you nearly $1,000.

    So the total cost for your $124 speeding ticket is actually roughly about $1,000

    Our attorney fee for Kirkland ticket lawyer is the fraction of that cost. Our Kirkland ticket lawyer will make sure your moving violation does not go on your driving record, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Now you can see why it is cheaper to retain a Kirkland traffic ticket attorney.


    Kirkland Traffic Lawyer

    If you received a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket in Kirkland, your ticket will be handled in the Kirkland Municipal Court. Kirkland Municipal Court is located at 11740 NE 118th Street in Kirkland Washington, 98034.