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2016 Case Results for Traffic Infractions

    * We work hard to obtain the best possible results for our clients but no lawyer can guarantee success of your case. Every case is unique and outcomes depend on several factors. The results above are meant to showcase resolutions we achieved in 2015, and should not be used to predict future outcomes.

    Everything you Need to Know About your Ticket

    Boating Offenses
    CDL - Logbook Violations
    Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License
    Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
    Failure to Yield Right of Way
    Following too Closely
    Lane Violations
    Negligent Driving
    No Insurance
    Red Light/Stop Sign Tickets
    Speeding over the Limit
    Speed Too Fast For Conditions
    Sign Violations
    Equipment Violations

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    Standard of Proof for Washington State Traffic Tickets

    There is a big misconception among the general public about what the prosecution must prove in traffic cases. Many drivers think that the prosecutor’s burden in traffic cases is “beyond reasonable doubt.” That is not true. The prosecutor must only show that it is “more likely than not” that you committed the violation.

    Any Issaquah traffic lawyer can tell you this is a very low standard. Your word against the officer’s word will not be enough for the prosecution not to reach its burden.

    Hiring a competent Issaquah traffic lawyer will significantly increase the chances of beating your ticket.


    “Grigoriy is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.” – Michael Waddington, Military Law Attorney

    Why Retain an Issaquah Traffic Lawyer?

    Paying the fine that is on the face of your traffic ticket is only part of the costs. The true cost of a ticket comes in the form of increased insurance premiums. According to one study, a single ticket on your record can increase your insurance premium by 22%. (That article can be found here).

    If you are currently paying $100 per month for your insurance, your monthly payment after the ticket goes on your record will be $122. After three years, by the time the ticket is off your driving record, you would have paid $792 more for your insurance. That is almost $1,000 if you add the fine for the ticket.

    This shows the importance of hiring an Issaquah traffic lawyer. Our attorney Issaquah speeding ticket lawyer fee is a small fraction of what the ticket will cost you in the long run. Not to mention, we save you time and hassle of going to court.


    Issaquah Traffic Ticket Lawyer

    If you received a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket in Issaquah, your ticket will be handled either by the Issaquah Municipal Court or King County District Court, East – Issaquah Facility. Issaquah Municipal Court is located at 135 East Sunset Way in Issaquah, Washington, 98027.

    King County District Court – Issaquah Facility is located at 5415 220th Avenue S.E. in Issaquah, Washington, 98029.