Traffic Lawyer Defending Driving with Wheels off Roadway Tickets


Driving with Wheels off Roadway Ticket Lawyer

It is against the law drive any part of vehicle off the roadway. A lot of our clients who receive these tickets are surprised when learn that a person does not have to drive like a maniac to receive a ticket for driving with wheels off the roadway.

Here are some things to keep in mind. First, the part that is off the roadway does not have to be unpaved. Second, even one wheel being off the roadway will get you this ticket. Most drivers who receive a ticket for driving with wheels off the roadway do so when they drive across a gore point when exiting a highway. Other times we see drivers get these tickets when they drift onto the shoulder while “drowsy driving.”

Of course there are couple exceptions. First exception is the driver may be off the roadway if permitted to do so. For example, where construction signs allow drivers to drive on the shoulder (or somehow off the roadway). Another exception is where the vehicle off the roadway for the purpose of stopping there. For example, if a person needs to pull over in an emergency situation.

If you received a ticket for driving with Wheels off the Roadway and your situation does not meet one of the two defenses, you probably should call our office as soon as possible.

Our fee is lower than what this ticket will cost you in the long run. This ticket would remain on your driving record for three years. That means for the next three years, you will be paying higher insurance premiums. On average, you are looking about $20-30 more per month in insurance premiums. If you add that up for the next three years, you’re looking at over $1,000 in higher insurance premiums alone. Of course you have to add the fine amount that’s on the face of the ticket too. Our attorney fee is a quarter of that fine amount.

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