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2016 Case Results for Traffic Infractions

    * We work hard to obtain the best possible results for our clients but no lawyer can guarantee success of your case. Every case is unique and outcomes depend on several factors. The results above are meant to showcase resolutions we achieved in 2015, and should not be used to predict future outcomes.

    Everything you Need to Know About your Ticket

    Boating Offenses
    CDL - Logbook Violations
    Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License
    Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
    Failure to Yield Right of Way
    Following too Closely
    Lane Violations
    Negligent Driving
    No Insurance
    Red Light/Stop Sign Tickets
    Speeding over the Limit
    Speed Too Fast For Conditions
    Sign Violations
    Equipment Violations

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    Standard of Proof for Washington State Traffic Tickets

    Traffic law violations can be either civil or criminal. The content of this page are designed to address civil traffic matters.

    The standard of proof for civil traffic infractions is lower than it is for criminal law violations. For civil traffic infractions, the standard of proof is “preponderance of the evidence.” This is much lower than the “beyond reasonable doubt” standard required in criminal cases.

    So to find a driver committed of a civil traffic infraction, the court would have to find that it is “more likely than not” violated the law. Drivers who attempt to handle their traffic tickets without a Bellevue ticket lawyer quickly learn that it does not take much for the prosecution to meet its burden. Because of this, it is easy for a driver to lose their case if they are handling it without the help of a Bellevue traffic lawyer.

    Many drivers think that if their version of the facts is contrary to that of the officer, the court will find in their favor. That is never the case. The court will take the officer’s word over yours every single time.

    The best way to beat your traffic ticket is to hire a competent Bellevue ticket attorney. Our initial consultations are free

    Your chances of winning your contesting hearing will increase dramatically with the help of a Bellevue ticket lawyer. Our initial consultations are free and we will put our experience to use for you!


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    Why Retain a Traffic Lawyer in Bellevue?

    As a Bellevue ticket attorney, it is important to address this reasonable questions. “Why pay an attorney $200 to handle a $124 speeding ticket?”

    That would not be reasonable if the speeding ticket did in fact cost only $124. But the amount on the face of the ticket is only the total cost of it. The real cost of the ticket is much more than our $200 attorney fee. Let us explain.


    The one obvious cost of the ticket is the amount on the face of the ticket. In our hypothetical example above, our speeding ticket was $124, so we will continue with that. However, there are many traffic tickets that far exceed our attorney fee. For example, a ticket for driving without insurance is $550. If your ticket was in a school zone or a construction zone, your fine will doubt. In such case, you can already see that it is worth retaining an attorney. But let us continue with our previous example to show you that it is worth hiring a lawyer for a $124 ticket.

    Insurance Rates

    If you pay for your ticket, you admit to having committed the infraction. Once you pay your ticket, it becomes part of your driving record for the next three years. Your insurance company determines the cost of your insurance premiums based on your driving record. According to Forbes.com, a single ticket can increase your insurance premiums by up to 22%.

    So let us say you were paying $100 per month for your insurance before the speeding ticket. In the next three years, that will cost you $3,600 in insurance premiums without the speeding ticket on your record. According tot he study in the above mentioned article your insurance will increase to $122 after the ticket. After three years, your insurance premiums will cost you $4,392. That is $792 more than you would have paid without the ticket on your record.

    Now if you add the $124 that you hypothetically paid for your ticket to the court and the total cost for your hypothetical speeding ticket is $916. Now we trust that you can see why it is important to retain a lawyer to fight your ticket. But wait. There is more!

    License Suspensions

    Your ticket could result in your license getting suspended. The DOL will suspend your license if you receive six or more moving violations within 12-month period. The suspension will last for 60 days. The DOL will put you on 12-month probation if you receive 4 moving violations within a 12-month period or 5 moving violations within 24-month period.

    If you violation your probation during that 12-month period, the DOL will suspend your license for 30 days. And it all goes down hill from there if you continue receiving tickets.

    Importance of Retaining a Traffic Lawyer in Bellevue

    As you can see, a traffic ticket costs a lot more than the value on the face of the ticket. If you ask any Bellevue ticket lawyer, the advice is the same: fight your ticket!


    We Also Handle the Following Tickets:

    • Disobeying Road Sign
    • Disobeying Signalman, Officer, Firefighter, or School Patrol
    • Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road
    • Driving with Wheels off Roadway
    • Failure to Dim Lights
    • Failure to Keep to the Right
    • Failure to Maintain Control
    • Failure to Signal or Improper Signal
    • Failure to Stop
    • Failure to Yield
    • Following too Closely
    • HOV/Carpool Lane Violation
    • Impeding Traffic
    • Improper Lane Change or Travel
    • Improper Turn
    • Negligent Driving 2nd Degree
    • Prohibited Turn
    • Speed in Excess of Maximum Limit
    • Speed too Fast for Conditions
    • Speeding in a School Zone
    • Straddling or Driving Over Centerline
    • Wrong Way on a One-way Street or Rotary Traffic Island

    Traffic Ticket Lawyer. Handling traffic infractions in King County Court – East Division Courts

    If you received a speeding ticket or another traffic infraction in the city of Bellevue,  your traffic ticket will be handled in a King County District Court – East Division. More information about King County District Court – East Division (“Bellevue Court“).

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